Customise and wear a message in your hair!                              

My name is Joshua Cartwright and I'm the inventor of Hair My Words along with my wife Glenda and our children.

We're on a mission to make self-expression in fashion easy and fun. When we came up with this idea we realised it was essentially 'Twitter for your hair'!

We're aiming to make sure that any woman (or man - let's be equal here!) across the planet can broadcast how they think and feel - from the most important place - their head! Over the years I've played around with inventing different things but when I made the first sketch for HairMyWords (called Weavewords back then) I knew I was onto something special. With it, any person truly could 'let their hair send the message!'

Now, you may ask: "How on earth did a guy who writes Kindle books on thinking skills come up with a idea for customisable words on braided hair?" 

Well, my life, like most peoples' is made up of lots of different parts: I'm married to a wonderful Guyanese woman: we have six children ranging in colours from white through vanilla to deep brown. That alone has broadened my understanding of life plus I've seen the love of colour and individuality through repeat trips to Guyana, and immersion in Caribbean/South American culture.

 I've also been interested in creative thinking for years and creativity as a road to self-expression.


Isn't that what we all crave? To let what is inside out and feel good about it? To let the world know what 'I', the unique individual that I am thinks. 

We all express ourselves through our opinions, the way we dress, what we like and social media. We express ourselves with our hairstyles but what if we could express ourselves IN our hair as well as with it?

The girl in the video is Seraphina, our smallest daughter, wearing her name and a Guyanese flag. She's very proud of who she is (although we sometimes have to remind her she's half English as well) and she's happy to express it. She likes to wear her name. She likes colours. And she likes to talk.

But you don't have to stop at your name. With the full pack of stickers and labels you can really say anything you want. We hope it's something nice but this is really the point of HairMyWords in colour.

You decide. What do you most want to say to the world? Stick it together. Slide it on your braids.

You let your hair send the message. Out for the night - so say this:

You can say your name, say your name or the name of your favourite singer.

You can say how you're feeling. No one will fail to notice a message on your head.

We've been talking to people all around the world. We talked to a South American Government about celebrating Independence Day with colourful flags. We talked with a magazine editor about political protests in the Seychelles. We talked about bringing some colour and happiness to a charity school in Louisiana.

You can be proud, passionate, political or just pretty if you want to be. It's up to you.

The possibilities are limitless. We want to make a little product that will enable people all over the world to 'let their hair send the message'. Please sign up to the newsletter and we'll let you know when the campaign starts. There will be cool rewards as well.

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