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18 carat gold plated Hair My Words cylinder(s)

Gold - the choice of Kings and Queens for centuries.

Whatever you wear it with and wherever you take it - you take a statement with you. You value yourself. Look at me if you want to... I know what I am worth.

Stunning gold cylinders - keep them naked - or tattoo them with a message.

Gold always makes two statements:

. About it's value

. About how you value yourself

. Gold speaks for itself and you wherever you go.

  18 carat gold semi-cylinders back and side view 

Supplied with black 'lock and key' holding pin in a velvet bag and a gold cleaning cloth.

Sold individually.

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£ 59.99 Tax excluded

£ 59.99 per 1

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How do they look?

It's quite something to see your face reflected back in gold but as you hold these semi-cylinders in your fingers you'll be able to do that. Gold catches the light so these hair jewels draw the attention like nothing else. 

How do they stay in?

Each gold cylinder is made and supplied with a lock and key mechanism. They key is made of black plastic which contracts well with the gold. A sterling silver key will be available soon.

Please note: Your braids need to be thick enough to fill the inside of the semi-cylinder. The pin does not easily go through very tight woven braids or locs with wool in and may break in those instances.


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